Monday, November 3, 2008

Web and Wireless Device Security

j0439607Today the web, laptop/desktop PCs, and wireless devices are often fused with our everyday lives: They often containing personal calendars, emails, contact info, and personal info, which has becoming increasingly important to take security precautions for handling your personal information.

Some security tips to consider:

  • Do not use the same password for multiple web accounts.
  • Do not use personal info (such as names, date of birth, or commonly used / dictionary words for passwords.  Set up complex passwords that you can remember.  For example: wilex9z$
  • Utilize password managers to help keep track of passwords.  SplashID from is one product I recommend.  The application works well on PCs, many wireless and handheld devices.  You should password protect this application as well - to protect all of your passwords!
  • For those with a few passwords and don't need SplashID, utilize a password protected MS-Word or Excel document.
  • When using public or work computers, to log into web accounts, DO NOT allow the browser to memorize your profile or password.
  • When you think a password has been compromised, change it immediately.
  • Consider changing passwords every 30 days for highly sensitive accounts such as those for banking and financial sites.
  • Do not share, write down, or give out your passwords to anyone.
  • Set your devices to auto lock after a period of inactivity to prevent snooping from by-passers.
  • Implement password security on all computing devices such as PCs, laptops, handheld and wireless devices. 
  • Yes, even use passwords on your wireless handheld devices.  If not sure on how to set up one, consult with your device owners manual - which can often be found on the web.

By utilizing passwords, you can protect your confidential and sensitive information in the event something is misplaced, lost, or stolen.  Identity theft is a major problem, and by utilizing passwords, you can reduce the chance of being an identity theft victim.

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