Monday, September 28, 2009

Tenacity and Snap!VRS Announce Exclusive Partnership to Help Organizations Better Serve Deaf and Hard of Hearing Employees

Snap!VRS announced a partnership with Tenacity Operating, LLC, ("Tenacity"), a leader in the field of accessible telephony, that will help companies and organizations offer visual communication and relay services with the only comprehensive and accessible video technology of its kind.

Tenacity's accessaphone(tm) Total Conversation (aTC(tm)), a video softphone, extends telephony by including real-time text, video, and voice with the same endpoint compatible with the business' current infrastructure. This easy to use video softphone is now further enhanced as a VRS-ready solution through the Snap!VRS partnership, making it easy for enterprises to find a one-stop solution for Section 508 compliance. Section 508 is the important part of the American Disabilities Act that works to eliminate barriers in information technology.

"This partnership will enable large enterprises - government agencies, corporations, and educational institutions - to better meet the needs of existing and prospective employees who are deaf and hard of hearing," said Snap!VRS Executive Chairman, Richard Schatzberg. "With Tenacity's excellent and well-earned reputation in communication infrastructure and Snap!VRS'strong service, the match will provide a single solution for Section 508 compliance and benefit those looking to give all of their employees the best communications solutions they can."

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