Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recommended Website: Deaf Scientist Corner

I stumbled across this web site, “Deaf Scientist Corner”, created by the Texas Woman’s University of Denton, Texas.

This web site profiles some past and recent famous / notable deaf scientists, which can serve as a role model for teens undecided about careers and budding deaf scientists. The site contains a summaries of famous / significant deaf in the technology and science fields: Such as some well known famous deaf scientists and inventors, such as Weitbrecht- the phone coupler - a.k.a. the TTY inventor, and Thomas Edison - the incandescent bulb (light bulb).

Today technology has helped level the playing field for communication access within and outside of organizations and ones workplace. There are many current and future opportunities within the science and information technology fields. As some often say that future jobs have not been created yet, and are waiting to be discovered.

For instance, 25 years ago, who envisioned that web masters, bloggers, and working with relay services and video phones would become popular career fields using every day technologies. If you have you have the desire foot to work in the information technology and/or science fields, by staying current with trends and the needs of business and consumers, you can position yourself for future jobs that will be created.

Links and references to this web site was approved by Texas Woman's University.

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