Saturday, April 18, 2009

New LinkedIn Group: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Professionals Group


There is a new Deaf and Hard of Hearing Professionals LinkedIn group, which may be beneficial for working or retired professionals looking to network with others.  If you haven't checked out LinkedIn - a professional networking site, consider joining so you can join the group. You can read my blog entry about Networking with LinkedIn and Facebook in 2008.

Once you've joined LinkedIn, and created a professional profile: Consider joining the "Deaf and Hard Of Hearing Professionals" LinkedIn group to network professionally, make new friends and create new networking opportunities.

To join the group, after you create a LinkedIn profile, log in and select “Search for Groups” and enter “deaf” and click on the search button.  Several groups will appear within the search results.  Select “Join this group” under the “Deaf and Hard of Hearing Professionals” group.  The group moderator will then make the determination if you can join the group.  Address all questions and concerns regarding this group to the group moderator.

Happy Networking!

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Plover said...

Hello. I'm a CART provider, so while I'm not a Deaf or hard of hearing professional myself, many of my clients and contacts are Deaf and hard of hearing professionals. Would it be appropriate for me to join this group? If not, do you know of any that would be more suitable?