Thursday, August 28, 2008

Push Email for Palm Treos

I have been a Palm Treo 700P user for nearly two years now. It has been a fairly good device, but the Palm O/S is starting to show its age.

While Palm Treos do not have push email right out of the box. You can subscribe to 3rd party push email providers for relatively low cost. They are just as good as blackberry push email services. Versamail that comes with the Palm O/S does not work with push email providers well. I suggest Chatteremail, an email client, which is available from Palm for a one-time cost. It works with push / IMAP email providers to provide you with real-time push email.

Fusemail and are such examples of push (IMAP) email providers.

The new Trep 800W (Windows Mobile 6.1), provides push email out of the box utilizing Microsoft Hotmail. While its free and it works, the notification options on this Treo are noticably weaker. That is, you have very little to no control of how to set up LED and/or vibrate alerts. Because of this, I have been investigating 3rd party options that allows you customize alerts... More to come on this.

Lastly, the 755P Treo has NO LED indicator at all. It is not recommended for those who rely the LED for notifications.

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