Thursday, August 28, 2008

No More Landlines in this House

This summer we got rid of our landline phones (also known as the regular plug-in-a jack phone). With all the other technology options we've been using, our TTD was collecting dust. Now with higher gas prices, we looked around and realized we were paying for services we hardly use. With Vonage, we have been able to cut our phone bills into half. Which includes local and long distance services.

By dropping the landlines, we also were able to free up come space on our counters and desk by replacing TTDs with small cordless phones for the kids and visitors.

Don't fret if you have hearing significant others, CODAs, or kids in your household. If you have a broadband or dsl connection, in most cases you can piggyback phone service off them using services such as Vonage, Skype, and Comcast phone. (Minor service fee required). In some cases, you may be able to keep your same phone number.

Now about those voice callers to your house phone. Set up your service to automatically roll over to your relay service of choice after a certain number of rings. They can contact you based on your preference of vrs, text messaging, aim, or message transcription services, or can call them back after receiving a message.

Note that some services do not work with TTD devices. The long answer is that some can support TTD devices with some advanced research and tweaking. Better yet, use your other communication options.

Lastly, check out Nextalk, this service (also free) allows you to use a pc to make a TTD call (Internet connection required).

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