Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In Brief: What Technologies Are Being Used By Commuters on Trains

Wondering what technology devices that commuters use on trains and subways in cities such as NYC, DC, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, and SF?

Other than cell phones, many commuters in large cities, such as those here in Chicago use the following electronic devices while commuting.

Here is a list of what's I've seen on Chicago's Metra trains:

- Wireless handhelds (Blackberrys, Apple iPhones, Palm Treos, other PDAs and Danger Sidekicks).
- Portable dvd players
- Gaming systems (PSP, GBA, DS)
- Laptops with wireless cards/tethered wireless devices
- iPods, Microsoft Zune, and MP3 music players
- Electronic book readers (Kindle / Sony)
- Digital cameras

Of course, there are still plenty of low tech solutions found on board:
- Newspapers, books, and magazines.

The only major gripe is that power outlets are usually not available on board, and you should recharge your device as much as possible before leaving the office for the day.

Sometimes wireless connections are disrupted when going thru several communities, under buildings or being underground - the outages are usually temporary.

Lastly - don't forget to take your devices with you when you get off at your stop.

Now isn't commuting a little more productive and fun?

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