Saturday, September 20, 2008

Travel Tip: Wireless Travel Alerts

clip_image002[4]Do you often travel by air and carry a personal wireless device such as a cell phone, blackberry, iPhone, Motorola Q, Palm Treo, Sidekick, and other? If so, consider signing up for wireless travel alerts offered by most major airlines: such as with American, Delta, NW, Southwest and United. Travel websites such as, and also offer some email and wireless alert features.

Wireless alerts are useful to help keep you informed of any flight delays or deviations from your booked flight(s) so you can respond accordingly. Depending on the provider, some can also send you reminders for other travel related issues such as severe weather alerts, and details for upcoming travel for hotel and rental car arrangements.

From personal experience, wireless alerts work well. On two recent occasions I was alerted in advance of a major impact on my travel plans. Because of the advance travel notifications, I was able to respond and change my plans accordingly.

The only draw back to signing up for wireless alerts is that when your flight details change, most alerts do not automatically carry over to your re-booked / re-scheduled flights. This has to be done manually by logging into your account on-line to set up new alerts.

While wireless/email alerts are useful, it is always a good idea to verify the information by speaking with your travel agent, airline representative and significant others.

The next time you make travel arrangements on-line, sign up for email / wireless notifications.

Note: You usually have to complete the reservation(s) before you can set up any alerts.

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