Friday, September 5, 2008

Meebo: Web based IM

Check out It's a company that provides web based instant messaging. This allows you to use a pc connected to the web that does not have IM installed by the use of flash / Java web page. It also has been know to work thru corporate firewalls.

Meebo allows to connect to various chat networks at once.
Better yet, create a Meebo logon ID, and connect from users across several networks at the same time.

Some of the popular networks that are supported:
- AOL Aim
- Google talk
- Microsoft Messenger
- Yahoo

Many of us have contacts inside and outside of the work place, and most companies only allow internal chats with the application of choice. Yet it has been shown to work thru firewalls.
- Use at your own risk -

Meebo is also good if you are traveling, or at a different location - say at a public library, friends or relatives house - you can still chat without needing to install anything on their computer. (In most cases it should work if not blocked by the locations firewall or network).

This is also an ideal IM tool for those (the older generation) who may be intimidated by having to install / maintain an instant messaging client on their computers.

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